Our Church

Avery Hill Christian Fellowship Church

Avery Hill Christian Fellowship ChurchAvery Hill Christian Fellowship Church is a lively and vibrant church and has many activities throughout the week for all ages.

On Sunday mornings we have an informal time of Christian fellowship and a creche is provided for the very young. Our Sunday Club and youth also meet at this time.

Visit our Web site for more information about our church and its activities.

Term Times

Kids going to schoolBexley Council School Term Dates. Visit our noticeboard for the Springlets term dates.

Net Mums

Mum looking at laptopNetMums is a unique local network for mums. It has a wealth of information and advice on being a mum or dad.

National Childbirth Trust

Baby sleepingChildbirth and parenting charity. Provides information on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, & parenthood.